Friday, October 26, 2012

Disneyland Halloween Trip Report: Pt. 2

I got up early the next morning and made my way back to the park. This is really a wonderful time to stroll through the Disneyland Resort; it's still peaceful, the lights are still on (nobody does lighting like Disney!), and it almost feels like it's your personal playground.

The sun was just beginning to rise as I took this shot of the Disney California Entrance; there was one lone guest with a backpack parked outside of the gates:

Across the way, Disneyland was fully decked-out for Halloween!

Plenty of Halloween photo opps for guests; most of the early morning attendees were rushing towards Tomorrowland and bypassing the festive decor in Town Square. How could you not stop and admire this winking Mickey?!?

Next time you're on Main Street, take a detour to East Center Street and be sure to notice what has unofficially been dubbed "The Test Wall." According to Disney legend, the mismatched bricks were part of a test to see what would look best on Main Street. Amazingly enough, this test wall has survived since 1954.

Minnie was busy cleaning tables at The Plaza Inn:

Captain Hook was delighted that Halloween was coming soon.

Wish you could have been at The Plaza Inn, too? Now through the miracle of Faux-D©, you too can feel like you're sitting in the Plaza Inn looking out onto Tomorrowland:

After downing my breakfast, I ventured to Space Mountain/Ghost Galaxy. More proof that Disney lighting is second to none:

Since I am an early riser, I rode Ghost Galaxy solo. It would be about an hour before my friends joined me.

The Matterhorn still sparkles after its recent refurb:

Although it looks great, the slower speed and cramped vehicles detract from the overall experience.

Today's post ends with a Faux-D© photo of The Castle:

Meet me at the Dark Rides tomorrow!

See more vintage & current Disneyland photos on my Disneyland web page.


K. Martinez said...

I love walking around the resort at dawn. Such a different place being all quiet. Your mentioning the one lone guest with a backpack parked outside the gates; reminds me of my trips to Disneyland in the 1970s. There were several times where I was alone w/backpack waiting for the park to open.

Nice set today!

Rich T. said...

I'm another dawn walker! :) Well worth getting up early for.

Words cannot properly express how much I despise the new bobsleds. I'm only six feet tall and I felt like a pretzel. After it was over, I felt like a bruised pretzel. The ride itself felt zippy and the interior looked great, but the discomfort pretty much hurt the whole experience.

One of my all-time favorite rides has become so uncomfortable, I won't be riding it often anymore. Seriously, did anyone over 5'6" test those vehicles?

Daveland said...

Rich - the decision on the bobsleds is baffling. The small world boats were enlarged because of today's "larger" guest, yet the bobsleds were made smaller. Huh? Despite that, there were still long lines for the attraction.

outsidetheberm said...

Dave - Do you think that test wall will survive the coming 'arcade' construction when they open the back end of that street? I hope it does in some manner.

Daveland said...

Ken - My gut feeling is "no." Looking at that area, I have a feeling it will be blown out as an entrance. They COULD save it and put it somewhere else, but after what happened at the Plaza Pavillion with the Stouffer's mural, I would say doubtful.