Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Disneyland, March 1975, Pt. 1

Welcome to Disneyland, circa March 1975. You sure can tell it's the 70's by the GAF shop logo and the scalawag with the long hair and bandana. Must have been a Yippie!

Adventureland is all kinds of crazy; big crowds and strollers. So glad I didn't visit on this day. However, I do love the little girl in front with the mod sunglasses.

Our 1970's photographer takes one last long look back at the dock as his boat begins its Jungle Cruise adventure.

He/she must have had a thing for elephants.

Bless his/her little heart; they even got a few interior Tiki Room shots!

It would even appear that they listened to the cast member who said, "No flash!" Now THAT'S a well-behaved guest!

More 1970's goodness to come in tomorrow's post.

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Rich T. said...

Yay, '75!!! I'm there somewhere, wearing my Maxfield Parrish polyester shirt....eeeeg.

Just bought the Cinderella Blue Ray -- can't wait to watch it.

K. Martinez said...

I have a thing for elephants as I collect all kinds, from statues and figurines to wall hangings and tapestries. The elephants are also my favorite part of the Jungle Cruise, from the Elephant god Ganesha and the Indian bathing pool to the "mother-in-law" before the veldt. Great update today!

I’m looking forward to more Disneyland '75.

Anonymous said...

1975??? I may have been the CM in the boat in the load position on the JC. What a great shot!

Lizzy Tex Borden said...

Every time I see GAF all I can hear is Henry Fonda, "Ya git yer GAF..."