Friday, January 21, 2011

John Hench & The Plaza Inn

Here’s a shot of John Hench and Walt Disney that was released to the news, dated May 20, 1965:

TENCENNIAL ADDITION — Detailed model of the Plaza Inn, opening as a feature of Disneyland’s Tencennial Summer, is studied by John Hench (left) and Walt Disney, Hency is chief designer for WED Enterprises, Inc., Disney’s planning, design, architectural and enginerring division. Guests of the Plaza Inn on Disneyland’s main hub, will dine amid rich Victorian splendor offered by two large dining room, porches and a pair of gas-lit dining terraces.

And of course a detailed view:

And the final product, from February 1966:

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Katella Gate said...

This restaurant was always a little odd looking to me... it's all mansard roof, and no building.

CoxPilot said...

When the Red Wagon Inn was re-branded as the Plaza Inn, I thought it was a huge improvement. It seemed to follow the victorian theme of Main Street more appropriately, rather than the more country style of before.

The food was the same fare in the employees cafeteria which was attached to the rear, and used the same kitchen facilities. We ate well.

JG said...

@CoxPilot. Wow, you must have. This place was a splurge for us when I was a kid.

I have posted before how my Dad once tipped the violinist to play "My Little Alice Blue Gown" for my Mom.

That was the first clue I had that they had a life before me.

Next trip, we are eating here.


Connie Moreno said...

I have always felt that this was a truly beautiful addition to Disneyland. I never get tired of looking at it. As a kid, it was too expensive for my folks to afford so as soon as I was an adult earning my own wages, I took my parents there for dinner. They loved it.

It seems that during the 90s the menu took a dive but things have been steadily improving.