Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Twiggy at Disneyland, April 1967, Pt. 2

The 1960’s Supermodel Twiggy is back today, this time taking a trip down Main Street towards Town Square on the Horse-Drawn Streetcar. If any shots would draw Amazon Belle out of hiding, it would have to be these.

Look closely at Justin’s Mickey Mouse button in this shot; you can see that it is changing to say “I Love Disneyland.” Yup, two buttons for the price of one.

Even bouffanted mothers of the 60’s wanted Twiggy’s autograph!

See more vintage Twiggy at Disneyland photos at my regular website.


PTA Transit Authority said...

She was so cute. Great series Dave.

Katella Gate said...

Are the guys standing behind Twiggy security goons? In picture No. 3, is that a pair of cops over Left Goon's shoulder? How much security did poor little Twiggy need?

Daveland said...

Bill - The "security" goons were probably more about keeping fans away for the TV show taping than for security for little Twiggy.

gabrielle. said...

look at her eyelashes. ugh, she is so fabulous.