Saturday, November 15, 2008


In honor of the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release (Tuesday, 11/18) of my favorite Pixar Robot Wall-E, I am devoting today’s blog to him. I have included 8 publicity “stills” from the movie to begin with.

How about 2 pieces of concept art?

Here’s more for you behind-the-scenes geeks: a photo of Ben Burtt, the voice of Wall-E and the Sound & Character Voice Designer for WALL-E, the film.

In addition, you can download this PDF “How Did They Make That Sound” information sheet. Way cool! You can also download this PDF “Which Robot Are You?” quiz. Way cool! Here are two fun fact sheets with more behind-the-scenes info on Wall-E:

Want your photo taken with Wall-E? Head over to the Hollywood area of California Adventure and pose with this cutout figure of the Pixar Star himself:

Hope you enjoyed my tribute to Wall-E! See more Disneyland/California Adventure photos at my regular website.

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