Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Twiggy at Disneyland, April 1967, Pt. 1

Forget Iman. Forget Tyra Banks. And DEFINITELY forget Janice Dickinson. The world’s first supermodel was Twiggy. She splashed onto the scene in 1966 and created a furor with her stick figure, fake eyelashes, and adrogynous look. On top of that, she was talented to boot, transitioning into theater and movie work. On April 27, 1967, she spent the day at Disneyland having footage shot for an upcoming TV special titled "Twiggy: Why?” that would air a few months later in June. Today’s post features a few casual photos of her on Main Street, with Disneyland Ambassador Marcia Miner. The man holding Twiggy’s hand was her current boyfriend and Svengali, Nigel Davies, who reinvented himself as Justin de Villeneuve. The two would split 6 years later in 1973.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha, I wish I COULD forget Janice Dickinson. The funny thing is, if she keeps saying that she was the first supermodel, people will start believing it eventually. She is the most annoying person ever!

gabrielle. said...

ok, i love twiggy!!! what a brilliant post. well done, dave! you never disappoint!!