Friday, May 02, 2008

1959 Trio

Just a short set before the weekend. I feel bad for these poor gals; if you had to wear gloves at Disneyland, you probably wouldn’t be smiling either. The little girl is hiding her gloves in shame, as she doesn’t want to be known as “The-Girl-who-wore-gloves at Disneyland.” Smart thinking on her part! Excursion Cars & Hand Cart in background. Shot 2 is a rarity; few guests take photos of the backside of the castle, which, ironically, was supposed to be the front until Herb Ryman decided to switch it around.

All you JC skippers, feel free to step in for #3 with your best hokey-pokey gag.

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Unknown said...

Didn't Howard Hughes wear gloves to Disneyland, too?

Major Pepperidge said...

Those gloves, they look uncomfortable and impractical! By the end of the day were they all gross and covered with popcorn butter and hamburger goo?

Glaxona said...

The first shot here could be of my mother, grandmother, and me. We ALWAYS wore gloves, and no they did NOT get encrusted with goo by day's end...nice young ladies took off their gloves to eat. That said, I sure remember my mother's frustration with how grimy my gloves got - I was a kid and thus touched a lot of dirty surfaces. Women always dressed up back in the 50s and 60s to go to movies, Disneyland, planes and trains, etc. It was a different world, and a much more unpleasant physical experience from today's far more comfortable clothing.