Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Devlin Collection: The Skyway

YOU ARE THERE! Today, you are in a Skyway Bucket with the Devlin family, circa June 1969. Even though it’s the square bucket design, I am sure you will still have a blast! Shot #1 is in Tomorrowland, with the Rolly Crump designed Ticket Booth & Tomorrowland Terrace below. In shot #2, that Matterhorn climber looks like he is hanging on for dear life! Let’s zoom in for a closeup.

Whew! That was scary being INSIDE the Matterhorn. Fantasyland is straight ahead.

The last shot for today gives a good overall view of what the buckets looked like in ’69, with Cinderella’s Castle in the background.

Many thanks to the Devlin family for sharing these great images. To see more vintage Skyway photos, visit my website.

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Thufer said...

thank you dave,

it is always fun to take the ride from tomorrow to fantasy land via the sky.

it is a shame that we have lost some of the simple fun that walt wanted a day at the park to be.

CoxPilot said...

Most people seem to zero in on the bucket transformations, but take a look at the changes in the towers and the cables. The ENTIRE system was replaced. I think it was a shame that bean counters at the park didn't feel the importance of the ride as transportation (a sit down ride across the park), especially when you think about all the cable car system throughout the world working just fine. I always would use the park railroad, the main street bus or trolley, or the skyway, when every possible.

Unknown said...

Great shots! The Devlin Family collection is amazing!

Daveland said...

CoxPilot: I have mixed emotions about the Skyway removal; although it was great for a birdseye view of the park, it also allowed you to see out to Anaheim, breaking a little bit of the "magic" at Disneyland. Although the final decision was probably based more on $$$, I could probably fall either way as to wanting it returned.

CoxPilot said...

Actually, Dave, I agree with you. The skyway was fun to ride, but it did break the illusion when you looked away from the Park itself. I don't usually like ANYTHING from the past to return, it's just fun to look back. I never thought Disneyland should stay in the 50's. If it did, it would probably fall victim to a slow death, as it almost did in the 80's. "Keep moving, and don't look back, they might be gaining on you."

I spent a LOT of time at Disneyland, and have just recently been traveling to Walt Disney World. I think I prefer the latter for it's newness and size. However; I'm a big history buff too. Somewhere there must be a balance.