Wednesday, May 14, 2008

July 1960 Visit: Tomorrowland Subs and More

Lines for a Disneyland attraction are nothing new; here is the line for the Submarine Voyage, circa 1960. Note the fun Donald Duck hat on the young girl in line. Back then, Walt knew what to have nearby to keep the guests happy while waiting in line: mermaids!

And a few shots of the very military looking subs themselves (note the Motor Boats chugging away in the background of the first shot).

Our July 1960 photographer managed to get a few underwater shots for us as well:

With the new Nemo/Pixar theming of this attraction, it is much more “cartoony” than its previous incarnation, and even includes a touch of Tiki:

And of course even the subs themselves are less threatening and militaristic with their bright yellow color. Hey, what’s that overhead? Yup, it’s the brand-spanking new Monorail Mark 7, which is being slowly rolled out as it continues to be tested to make sure it has been modified properly.

I really like the look of the new Monorail; sleek and smooth, it’s a very cool design with nods to yesterday and the future. But I digress; so it’s back to 1960 with a shot of what the Monorail looked like back then. I have included a closeup of the Motor Boat Cruise attraction:

One final shot of Tomorrrowland shows the Moonliner in all its glory, before it became a downsized icon outside a pizza joint.

Time to board the Skyway and head over to Fantasyland in anticipation of tomorrow’s post.

See more Submarine Voyage photos at my website.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Sweet post Dave, great under water shots, both before and after! The colors looked better (and more real) before. Nice pic of the New Monorail, was that yesterday? Can't wait for the next installment. THANKS!

Major Pepperidge said...

18 pictures today, yeesh! How do you do it. It's interesting how some photographers just manage to capture more unusual stuff than the usual images, like the line for the Sub voyage. I have one of those Donald hats, NOT from ebay or a collector's show, but one that I actually owned as a small child. I don't think it's worth much monetarily, but it's priceless to me!

Hey Dave, when you click on the second underwater pic, it takes you to a different large picture. Just so ya know!

Thufer said...

big;you taking a vacation soon? good look at the sub and other tomorrowland stuff. thanks for the picture of the "NEW" monorail. she looks really good.

Katella Gate said...

That certainly puts a mystery to rest for me... I always wondered exactly what the mermaids were doing in the lagoon. Obviously to please the crowds, but now that you mention the adjacent Monorail and Submarine lines, it makes perfect sense. Thanks.

-Katella Gate (who no longer needs to sign anonymously because he went and got an account.)

Daveland said...

David - Thanks for pointing out my posting error - it is now fixed. Never good to post when I don't get enough sleep! How about taking a photo of your Donald hat and posting it? Would be great to see! And Katella - thanks for losing your anonymity!

Unknown said...

Amazing shots!

Any chance of getting more mermaid shots?

mr wiggins said...

Great stuff, Dave. I love the shots of the original subs!