Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Disneyland, August 1986: Tomorrowland

Welcome to Tomorrowland! Have a balloon...please!

Tomorrowland was full of wild colors, following the wacky pallette of the 1980’s:

By this time in Disneyland history, the Moonliner was gone, and Mission to Mars was in. The PeopleMover is visible above, as well as the Space Place below. An arcade at Disneyland? Groan...I never did understand the guests who paid good money to get into the park only to spend hours inside of an arcade.

Strollers are beginning to multiply in this decade, as can be seen by the little herd on the left. Overhead is the Skyway, floating right above these unsuspecting guests.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha, Dave, you point out something that I've always thought... WHY go to Disneyland to play Donkey Kong and Space Invaders when you can do that at any mall?? But I always saw kids in the place.

mistryl said...

Thank you! I'd been trying to remember what it looked like with the Skyway buckets going under the PeopleMover track, and I just could not picture it in my mind. I'd stare at the PM track going "there's no way it could go under that!" but I knew it had to. I still think it looks too low to the ground, but there it is. :)

outsidetheberm said...

Gotta share your observation on the 'Starcade'. The place was so big you could spend hours in there - but why??

walterworld said...

Why spend time in the Starcade???

Because you're a video game obsessed 12 year old with too much pocket change that's why!

I don't play video games as a grown up but I sure had a blast from about '77 to '83 during the golden age of the arcade.

I spent many hours and quarters at the Starcade and at the other arcades around the park. Do you have any interior shots to share?

Anyone remember the original Pirates Arcade and those custom games there?

And the Penny Arcade on Main Street had some good ones also, not to mention the arcade at the Disneyland Hotel...

I still play a couple of games at the Starcade for old times sake each time I visit Disneyland. There is a good bowling game but that's about the only left that I can figure out. The newer games are all a blur to me.

I wish they would re-open the top floor of the Starcade and fill it with vintage video games. It would probably end up being deserted, but I guarantee that you'd see a few guys like me who would be having quite a blast from the past!

Thanks for the always great posts; and please stay in the 80's - 70's for awhile if you can...