Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tomorrowland, Sept. 1969 Pt. 2

Here’s a little sub action today, with some various shots of the defunct submarine voyage. I forgot how much I enjoyed this ride until I watched the recently released Walt Disney Presents DVD. The first 2 shots are from Sept. 1969.

3 & 4 are from March, 1968. Shot 4 has a little bit of everything; yellow monorail, skyway, and the Carousel of Progress. The last shot is from February 1965 and has a little underwater turtle action.

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B said...

These are terrific pictures. Vintage Submarine Voyage photos are always fun to see. I think late sixties Tomorrowland is my favorite time and place to see pictures from. Keep up the great work. I especially like the underwater pic.

Chris Merritt said...

God these are great! It's Subs week!