Friday, December 01, 2006

More Main Street, 1955

Here are a few more early shots of Main Street; the first is of the Town Square area (more chicken wire), and the second has a nice inclusion of the Plaza Apartments, which I was completely unaware of until a recent post by another one of the blogger gang. Really digging the straw hat of the kid on the lower right. The last shot COULD be a re-run (yes, I have done quite a few posts!), but thought I would include it because it is also from 1955 and shows some of the lesser seen/short-lived shops on Main Street.

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Anonymous said...

More great shots with amazing vivid color! I don't think the 3rd shot is a rerun, by the way...!

Amazon Belle said...

Great post Dave! You know, it was my understanding that Walt didn't want "Keep off the Grass" signs posted around the park. And it wasn't until after his death that the "sharp pencil boys" decided to save a little money on sod by putting up railings around the planters. That is what impressed me when I first visited EPCOT. I would walk across the lawn and say to myself, Walt would have wanted it this way.

Matterhorn1959 said...

The story I have heard is that Walt wanted to see which way the guests would walk and then pave the pathway that the guests made. Which seems like a great way to determine what the guests want.