Thursday, November 30, 2006

Town Square

Just in time for the holiday season comes this December, 1955 shot of Town Square, complete with plaque and chicken wire fencing to keep those pesky guests away from the fresh landscaping. Moving down the street in our second shot, you might want to pick up something for your headache at the Upjohn Pharmacy, or maybe a gift of Jams & Jellies for the holidays. Shot 3 from the same batch shows the venerable Horse Drawn Trolley, with Bekins truck in the background. It is interesting to note the quaint holiday decor of 50 years ago; definitely not as slick as today’s bling-bling trimmings, but much more heartwarming.

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DisneyDutchman said...

Great series of pics Dave. gets you in the Christmas Spirit!! Thanks for the update on yesterdays Viewliner pic!! DD

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I like these simpler Christmas decorations more than the current ones. These look more genuine and authentic. Heck, as does the street itself!