Monday, November 06, 2006

Parking Lot & Ticket Booth

Blogger is screwy as hell, so I’m not going to put too many photos on today’s post. This entry is for Jordan, who often laments the lost parking lot. Today’s first entry is from 1956 (thanks again for the help in dating!). The other 2 are entrance gate ticket booths, first one from September, 1959 and the other from July 1963. Love the vintage outfits. And Blogger, would you please get your s&*t together?!?!

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thepicklebarrel said...


it's funny how many pictures there are of granny's and grampy's posing in front of the main gate.

it's almost as if they're saying, "in case we don't come back alive and someone finds our camera, this is where we entered the eye of the needle."


Daveland said...

Don't you also love how the arrow is pointing at their feet too? Tried to zoom in on the license plate to get a year but still couldn't read it.

thepicklebarrel said...

those are 1956 cal plates!

Doctor Doodles said...

what i find interesting is how many people "dressed up" for a day at Disneyland. You don't see visitors wearing suits anymore.

Anonymous said...

Perkypickle's right. None of those plates appear to have the registration stickers that California began using in 1957.