Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Details, 1950’s

Here’s a pretty nice shot of the Stagecoach through Frontierland from the 1950’s (can’t be any more exact; the slide is undated). Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the artwork on the door of the coach shows the Mission in Santa Barbara. Of course, I have provided a detailed shot for your perusal.

My second shot is kind of dark (from the same undated batch) and shows the Fantasy shop in Fantasyland. To the right, you can see the sign for Merlin’s Magic Shop. As you may recall, I am a total signage geek. For all of you holiday travelers, have a very happy T-day!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the detail of the Stagecoach...even though I've been to the mission in Santa Barbara, I'm not sure I would have been able to identify it!

Was the Fantasy shop the original name for Tinker Bell's Toy Shop?

Matterhorn1959 said...

For a while the Stagecoach was on stage at Disneyland and you could really look at this painting. And the Fantasy shop was a girls clothing store that sold fancy dresses.

Anonymous said...

Aha! I knew there was a Merlin's magic shop inside Fantasyland. This is the shop I remember seeing Steve Martin work in when I was a kid. The friend I went with on my last visit told me the Magic shop had always only been on Main St. but now I have some proof! P.S. Any shots of those diorama's that used to be inside the Castle? Thanks Dave!

Daveland said...

How I wish I had photos of the diorama; I used to love to see those when I was a kid; and now, chances are that very few will ever get to see them again.