Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fantasyland Aerial, November 1962

Since the aerial shot was a huge success and I'm a total comment-ho, I am unveiling this semi-aerial of Fantasyland from November, 1962. Don’t you love it; hardly any of those pesky guests eating turkey legs or riding recklessly in electric wheelchairs and killer double-wide strollers. I am also throwing in a few other shots from 1962, this one of the Alice ride, and an enthusiastic little towhead waving to daddy with the camera. Next up are the same little darlings with the Big Bad Wolf, who doesn't look so bad with his arms around these cuties. The last 1962 shot is a colorful one from the Storybook Land.

Check out my regular Disneyland website (click here); I have changed the format and updated the photos. Feedback is welcome!


thepicklebarrel said...

my lord! look how neat and subtle that color palate is on the storybook land shot!

color styling (or at least competent/tasteful styling) is completely dead at the park.

everything from the color of the dock, to the hostess uniform to the amazing canal boats is beautiful...

disneyland...wot a masterpiece!

Anonymous said...

Amazing aerial photo, thanks a lot! Love the bird's-eye look at Skull Rock especially.

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

That area behind the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship next to Skull Rock looks like a great place to eat and relax in semi-seclusion. They should add something like that behind the current Dumbo ride- that area is a little lax in theming.

It's cool to see the DL & SF railroad running right behind Casey Jr., on the street that now bears it's name. Not very adventerous theming their either- "Look, here's an asphalt road!"

Instead of the Mister Toad weather vane that now sits atop MTWR, it looks like they have some sort of eagle or chicken totem nail up on a pole, possibly the same one painted above the castle exit to Snow White Grotto? Anyone have a pic of it?