Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mixed Bag

Since Matterhorn has been doing a band series, I thought I'd add this beginning of the roll shot (if only the dumbass had advanced the film a little more...) from 1956 with the band leaving Adventureland and heading towards Main Street. At some point I’ll attempt to do some restoration (just looking at all the holes, dirt, and fading hurts my brain right now). And just to show Jordan that I’m not bitter about the feedback, I am throwing in a few more Golden Horseshoe shots (most likely from 1963).

Check out my regular Disneyland website (click here); I have changed the format and updated the photos. Feedback is welcome!


DisneyDutchman said...

Great GH pics Dave!! DD

Adam Hazlett said...

Check out those legs! WOWZERS!
and Hopsing is there too!
Must have been fun back then.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, wonder if the b&w ones were publicity shots?

Daveland said...

The bw ones were all taken by the same photographer and yes, they were publicity, but i don't believe he was working for Disney. If I recall correctly, he worked for a newspaper. Don't quote me on that one though!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Dave- If I remember the lot correctly, these were shot as reference for a show at the Radio City Music Hall called Disneyland. There was a nice piece of art that was being auctioned off at the same time for the backdrop that kind of used the silhoute of Disneyland icons.