Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Day @ Disneyland, July 27, 1955 (pt. 3)

Today we join Grandma and family on the Rivers of America. First up is a nice close-up of the Mighty Mark Twain (c'mon Grandma - can you move to the right and get out of the picture?!?). Shot 2 shows the Mark Twain beginning another trip on the very barren ROA; look to the left and see a pick-up truck on the banks. The last pic is in the Old New Orleans of the original home of Casa de Fritos, which became the Silver Banjo Barbecue in 1957 (thanks DD for the clarification!). And in this case, “X” definitely marks the spot, as Walt Disney himself is standing amidst his “guests” (hey Bob Iger—this is a good idea!).

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Anonymous said...

Wow, very awesome with the picture of Walt! I looked at the photo before I read the description and wondered what the "X" could possibly be indicating!

Anonymous said...

The 2nd photo looks like it could actually be from a century past (or before!) on the Mississippi River. Classic.