Thursday, November 23, 2006

1955 Moonliner

Today is a quickie; I’ve got Turkey to cook! Here are two 1955 shots of the Moonliner. I love the bright vivid color of these old Kodachromes; you just can’t beat it! Thanks to DD for helping with identifying the year on these 2 slides. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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DisneyDutchman said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Two more classic shots!! The first is 1955 for sure. On the left of the pic you can just make out part of the 'Court of Honor' display of the 48 State Flags.That display was broken down in late 1955 - early 1956 to make room for the AstroJets. The flagpoles were moved to the Tomorrowland entrance and became the Avenue of Flags. Also on the right side of the Autopia roof you can just make out part of the Richfield Eagle - it was move to the left side in '56 to make room for the skyway. Thanks Dave - now go cook your turkey!! DD

Anonymous said...

Zowie, that is some kind of saturated color. Awesome! I love that shot of the folks resting their tired feet at the base of the moon rocket. And the other photo ain't bad either! Happy Thanksgiving!