Monday, November 06, 2006

1950’s Tomorrowland: The Lost Post

I am reposting this one from the other day because it mysteriously disappeared on Blogger. This set of 5 slides turns out to be from 1956/57 (thanks to the gang for helping narrow it down). The first shot is a nice overview of Tomorrowland centered on the Clock of the World. Pic 2 focuses on two young men near the New York flag pole, with a Dumbo poster on the left. The dude on the left has probably left his job at the garage to go to the park (Goofus); preppy man on the right has left his fraternity for the day to spend time with the family (Gallant. Points to anyone who knows what I'm referring to).

Pic 3 is a nice shot of the Moonliner and the Hat Bar, and pic 4 shows the Skyway overhead and the Astro Jets ready to launch off on another adventure. The last pic is the interior for the Dutch Boy Paint Color Gallery (which closed in 1963).

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Chris Merritt said...

I think PJ is right - it "feels" like what it would look like to me.... I wish I had photos to back that theory up!

Daveland said...

Since Blogger was bugging out this weekend and not accepting comments, Major emailed me his response. There is a pic in the Nickel Tour that pretty much nails it as being the Dutch Boy Paint Gallery.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Hey Dave- if you look at the parking lot photo that you do not have a date closely you should be able to see the date from the license plates on the cars. I will try to blow up the image when I get home and see if I can recognize the date.

Gavin Elster said...


Damn those dotors offices I shouldn't know what you are talking about... but I do.