Friday, December 15, 2006

Rivers of America

Next time you get lost on Tom Sawyer’s Island, or you’re not sure what direction to paddle your canoe on the Rivers of America, just consult this handy-dandy cartoon map and you’ll be in great shape. I’m not sure of the origin or the date of this piece, but it sure is cool. I would place it to be somewhere between 1955 & 1958 since there is no evidence of the Columbia. I also thought I’d include the real thing, too: here’s one of Fort Wilderness from the 1950’s.

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Major Pepperidge said...

The cartoon map is really was almost certainly originally painted in color. Wonder if it appeared in a Disney publication or on a piece of merchandise. It's pretty accurate (even though it is cartoony)...I like the idea of the cave on the island that looks like a gaping mouth!

Greg Maletic said...

I'm fascinated by all the buildings over by what is now the Columbia dock. Never seen photos of that...was that area really that built-up? What was in those buildings?

Daveland said...

Greg - I don't think those were ever built. Just an idea that probably never came to fruition.