Monday, December 11, 2006

Yet Another Main Street Montage

Here’s yet another 1950’s batch that has no date stamp; what the hell was wrong with the guy at the photolab?!? The first one is a nice long shot down Main Street, and the second one is for Amazon; sorry you didn’t get to ride it on Friday! My third shot also includes a detailed closeup of the A-Framed signage for the Horseless Carriage. To finish off the day, there’s one from City Hall, and 2 from the Carnation Company (amazingly, one actually DOESN’T have someone sitting in the cab of the delivery truck!). After having just spent the weekend at DLand, it truly amazes me how much the crowds at Disneyland have grown to unbelievable proportions.

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Matterhorn1959 said...

If I remember correctly, the yellow and red horseless carriages arrived in 1958 as well as the Omnibus. I would date these to that time period. Nice detail on the advertising sign.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nice early pics. As for the Carnation truck, I can just imagine...they took one photo of the truck. Then the wife said,
"Why don't you get in and I'll take your picture". And - feeling a bit silly - the man dutifully got behind the wheel!

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

It's cool that they used to have actual street signs, shown in the first pic. It makes Main St. seem more like a real town.