Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Central Plaza

Is she dead? Despite the Keystone Kops playing right in front of her, this poor damsel appears comatose, or maybe she’s one of the stuffed dollies from Matterhorn’s Blog who lost her way from Main Street. Red Wagon sign visible in background. Second shot is another 1950’s shot from the Pavilion.

My last shot is a call to anyone working at Disneyland on Pirates of the Caribbean: time to remove the painter’s tape with instructions—the ride has been open for months now!

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Major Pepperidge said...

If real cops walked around playing saxomophones, there would be peace and happiness!

The pic of the painter's instructions is funny, I wonder if you could even really spot it in the darkened ride, with so much to look at?

Barb said...

Hey what a surprise! The cop on the right is my father-in-law. He passed away this year.

Daveland said...

Barb: That is great that you found my blog! And very cool on the connection to your father-in-law. Would you like me to post his name?

Unknown said...

Sure! His name was Bernie Flymen and he played both the sax and clarinet in the Disneyland band the first 5 years the park was opened. He was also in Desi Arnaz's band on all the old "I Love Lucy Show". We sure miss him.

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

The Red Wagon/Plaza Inn looks smaller without the row of hedges around it, though I suppose more people from the hub could crowd into your dining enjoyment.