Friday, December 29, 2006

King Arthur Carrousel, March 1968

Moving away from my lamentations of what is lost, today I will focus on King Arthur Carrousel, which is still packing 'em in! The first shot is a nice one from March 1968, which is almost as entertaining for the fashion show as it is for the attraction itself. Shot 2 (undated, but I believe early 1960’s) also shows the original Peter Pan fa├žade. 3 & 4 are from September 1969, and the little boy must have loved it, as he rode it at least twice (note the different horses he is on).

Zooming in, it appears that the sign with Mickey Mouse is alerting guests that Peter Pan is under construction.

The last pic also includes a detail of the ticket booth in front of the Carrousel. Again, slide undated but most likely early 1960’s?

See more vintage & current King Arthur Carrousel photos on my Carrousel web page.


Major Pepperidge said...

That first photo is super nice! I'd heard that the recent rehab of the carousel was surprisingly expensive and troublesome...I'm glad they didn't decide to just tear it down and pave the area!!

Matterhorn1959 said...

The rehab was pricey since the flooring was rotten and caroussels are finely engineered with balance. If the wood would have completely broken, the Merry Go Round would have literally broke in pieces.

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

Great pics. There's a sign with Mickey Mouse on it in the queue for the Peter Pan attraction in the 2nd pic. I can't see what it says- any ideas? Thanks.

Daveland said...

Mr. Mouse - I believe it's a construction sign.

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

Thanks, looks like a cool sign, Disney should pull it back out for their current projects.