Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Temple Tuesday: Shirley at the St. Regis

From a batch of vintage negatives come these shots of Shirley Temple Black at the St. Regis Hotel; not sure whether it's San Francisco or New York City. Considering she lived close to San Francisco, that would be my guess. Most likely she was there to promote her new television program, "The Shirley Temple Show."

The date on the envelope puts this little soiree at June 16, 1960. Note the SR logo on the coffee/tea cup. Very classy!

Zooming in, you can see all the press materials for the show...AND the free cigarettes!

Shirley was quite the hostess, keeping the ladies entertained.

But as you can see here, even 25 or so years after her film debut, she was still charming the old codgers.

Was this gal lighting a cig for Shirley?

Shirley doing her part in selling the show. You know this man is thinking: "What a beauty!"

Everyone wants their photo with Shirley.

You just know these guys are going to buy ads on her show. Shirley has them right where she wants them.

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beachgal said...

Gotta be the St. Regis NYC - the SF one was not there yet in '58. And her TV show was not The Shirley Temple Show; it was Shirley Temple's Storybook to start with. They changed the name of her show to The Shirley Temple Show in '60.

beachgal said...

Oh, I see now the press packet you said was dated 1960 - so that was when they were changing the name of the show and it was picked up by ABC for another year. I never knew the show but for that first season it was on - I was too old to watch it after the first few ones aired. I was all over shows like 77 Sunset Strip by then.

Daveland said...

Oh beachgal....so quick to correct. I may not know about the St. Regis, but I do know my Shirley! Read first...comment later....always good!

beachgal said...

I don't tend to comment all that much anymore Dave - my MS is progressed so much now and I have a lot of trouble reading text (it's blurry)- so I do miss things even when I am trying to be careful. My mind is still sharp as a tack however, esp about days of old! Don't ask what I was fed for lunch 2 days ago however!

Daveland said...

Beach gal - Lunch - not so interesting. The stuff that you DO remember and post here - AMAZING!