Monday, January 09, 2017

At Home with Monsters, Pt. 3

For part three I present another incredible Mike Hill piece, commemorating Ray Harryhausen, the stop-motion animation genius.

Fans of horror legend Peter Cushing will enjoy seeing this puppet created by Kevin McTurk:

I have always appreciated the twisted art of Gahan Wilson:

Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, is represented with art by Rogelio Naranjo:

and Rick Geary:

A slightly racy piece from 1955 by Ernesto Garcia 'Chango' Cabral titled "Tabledance."

Two life-sized statues of actors from the Tod Browning 1932 cult classic "Freaks." First one is Schlitizie by Thomas Keebler:

Keebler also did this one of Hans (played by Harry Earles):

I really liked this painting by Chris Peters called "Table Cross."

This etching is from the 18th century by Johann Esaias Nilson after Johann Elias Ridinger, and is appropriately titled "Das Sterben (Death)."

One more creepy bust of Nosferatu for you:

This life-sized photo mural shows del Toro's home, Bleak House, and many of the items that he shared for this exhibit:

I hope you enjoyed this exhibit as much as I did!

For more photos of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art visit my main website.


Unknown said...

That'd be Bleak House, Dave. Just think of the Dickens novel.

Fifthrider said...

I think I'd prefer the interior of Bleaker House, Bleak House is just plain.... I don't have a word for it. If you need fuel for your nightmares one need only glance around the livingroom (living?) before going to bed.

K. Martinez said...

Man, did I enjoy the exhibit. Sorry I missed it. del Toro's home, Bleaker House, is a horror fans wet dream.

Thanks so much for sharing your exhibit photos, Dave. This is one of my favorite non-Disney series posts you've done.

Daveland said...

Yes Patrick - I goofed today. I had it right on part one, but screwed it up today. Start boiling the oil for me.

D said...

Is there a hidden Mickey in those cookies?

Unknown said...

I'll boil the oil, but I don't think I have any batter made up or ketchup handy. Darn it...