Thursday, January 26, 2017

That Oh #$%^&* Moment

A little late on this one, but I still remember the feeling this May 2016 view gave me. It was the moment that the impact of the Star Wars land construction really hit me. Riding to the top of the Big Thunder Mountain attraction hill I looked over the crest and saw this. Wow. Where did everything go?

Sure, I'd seen the construction walls previously but didn't really pay them too much attention.

On a positive note, at least the Railroad and Mark Twain will be up and operational in a few more months!

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K. Martinez said...

I'm really curious to see what the "new" Rivers of America will look like after all is done. Even with just the fence view it's still quite noticeable that the formerly forested area has been scraped clean. It just looks so off. Thanks, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Those of us who worked the River 'back in the day' are generally not pleased with what is being done to it. Another part of the charm of the Park is being lost. Too bad Discovery Bay was never built. In my opinion, the location of a 'Star Wars' themed land was better suited for Tomorrowland or being the genesis of the well discussed 'third gate' park south of Katella. KS

K. Martinez said...

KS, I agree with all our points.

Chuck said...

Oh. Oh, my. I'd read about it, but until this moment, I had managed to avoid actually seeing it. I feel sick.

Just to make sure I've got my bearings straight, Dave - this is looking north on the second lift hill towards where Big Thunder Ranch and the Painted Desert used to be, right?

Daveland said...

Chuck - That is correct.

Chuck said...

Thanks, Dave. I hate being disoriented. :-)