Thursday, June 11, 2015

Shirley For Sale Pt. 3

Thanks to author and Shirley Temple expert Rita Dubas, today's post begins with a vintage shot of Shirley herself, displaying her famous red polka-dot outfit from 1934's "Stand Up And Cheer." She sang her breakout hit, "Baby Take A Bow" while wearing this dress that had tiers of ruffled organdy petticoats underneath, giving extra bounce to Shirley's accompanying dance routine.

In the background display case of today's first photo you can also see life-size Japanese bride doll that the Japanese children of Hawaii presented to Shirley during a 1935 Honolulu vacation. Here's a vintage shot that was on display at the Museum:

Here is the doll on display at the Santa Monica History Museum:

Amazingly life-like:

One of Shirley's personal favorites was this ensemble from 1935's "The Little Colonel":

The porkpie bonnet and high-button boots by Emidio Spezza were on display. Emidio was an exclusive shoemaker to the stars from Italy.

A publicity still from "Curly Top" shows Shirley lounging in her pink silk pajamas:

The appliqued white bunnies and pom-poms look just as cute today:

This "Wee Willie Winkie" 1937 costume was seen at the beginning of the film:

On display:

Last one for today is a LARGE panoramic sneak peek of what is to come:

For details on the exhibit, visit the Santa Monica History Museum website.

View additional Santa Monica photos at my main website.


Irene said...

Thanks so much for posting all these wonderful photos. I wish this had been better publicized as I had no idea this was happening and would have planned a visit. I too hate that these are all going to be split up. And I've a pretty good idea where most of these things will end up too - with an oil rich Saudi Prince overseas. Too bad they could not have been donated to the new Academy museum which had the best costume display I've ever seen recently. Most of those costumes were owned privately and loaned to them for the exhibit. It's wonderful to see what great condition Shirley's things are in - very well taken care of and preserved.

Heidi Ann said...

I am LOVING these posts! It is so wonderful to see your fabulous photos of all of these pieces! I'm such a huge fan and seeing the original costumes brings a smile to my face. Ahh, the movies, the memories! Of the greatest child star EVER in the history of the world. I adored her. (Can you tell?)

Santa Monica History Museum said...

Another great blog, Dave! Thank you for sharing this. We want to mention that when we discovered that we were chosen as 1 of only 5 museums to host this wonderful "Love, Shirley Temple" traveling exhibit, we began promoting releases, news coverage, and social media. We had a great turnout and we wish that everyone could have heard the news and experienced this once-in-a-lifetime event. We sure did not want to leave anyone in the dark and we understand how unfortunate it is that some people could not make it.

With this said, look for the announcement of our permanent Shirley Temple exhibit unveiling in her home town at !

We have, by the way, posted your 3 blogs onto our Facebook:

Daveland said...

Thank you all - really appreciate you checking out my photos. It was an incredible exhibit. Still more photos to come next week! SMHM - please let me know when you will be unveiling the permanent exhibit; would love to come up and see it!