Monday, June 29, 2015

Anaheim Grows, June 1966

It's June 1966 and our vintage photographer captured the iconic Disneyland entrance sign, which heralds 616 new guest rooms and the park hours of 10am-Midnight. In addition though, this photograph captures the surrounding growth in Anaheim spurred on by Disneyland's success.

Panning left, we can see that Frankie Avalon is in town:

Panning right, we see the Anaheim Convention Center under construction. It would open in July 1967. That sign for Chalet Pancakes & Steaks makes me hungry for some flapjacks!

How the Convention Center looks now:

See more Disneyland entrance photos over the decades on my main website.


K. Martinez said...

While I have a certain nostalgia for the old parking lot and funkiness of Harbor Boulevard past, I much prefer what is there today. You can't beat the old 1960's "Disneyland" sign with flags though. Thanks, Dave.

Darryl said...

That was back in the day when just parking was an event, at least in this child's mind in the 60's. I would venture that " Theater" that Frankie is "in person" is the Melodyland Theater.

thx Dave

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these images of the city outside. Sometimes I miss that as much as the park inside.

I've really taken to the old TV shows of the 60's & '70's set in LA. The plots and acting are comically awful, but I can just watch the city scenery, the old shopping centers and gas stations are hopelessly fascinating and ugly, a grand relief from today's over-processed "architectural-review-board" uniformity where every city looks exactly alike.

@DarrylR, yes that sign is for the Melodyland theater which had an odd-shaped domed profile. There are a few pictures of it floating about. My Sunday School group went to some Christian Rock events there, but I didn't go.


Julie L. Thompson said...

Hi...I'm a San Jose native and when I was a kid (1960's)...I'd almost faint when the tacky motels and the tip of the Matterhorn came into view. I wasn't too crazy about Knott's Berry though. Something's been driving me crazy. I know that I ate at this very cool restaurant with my family (probably in the mid 60's)...Not sure if it was near Knott's or Disneyland. It was in a grove of eucalyptus trees near the main street. You parked in the dirt. That's why I think it was near Knott's. I think it was Van de Kamp's with their sweet windmill, but, I've never been able to find any pics. Only pics of Van de Kamps downtown LA...Any thoughts?