Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Haunted Mansion Construction Panorama

If you saw my rant last week, then you know how annoyed I have gotten by those who download my photos, remove the watermark, and then repost them as their own. I am happy to share my collection (which I do every day) but it really frosts me when people take advantage of that. So what do I do? I one-up them. I went back to the original source material for some of the photos that were reposted by houseofthemouse (one of the worst offenders) and used some digital magic to create something new.

The two photos are from November 1962 and show the Haunted Mansion under construction. This first shot is extra cool because it shows a coming attraction board that includes the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, New Orleans Square, and of course the Mansion.

Another shot from the same set:

When combined, these two images create an amazing panoramic view:

Isn't technology grand? Take that, you re-posting so and so's!

See more Haunted Mansion construction at my main website.


K. Martinez said...

You did a fantastic job merging the two photos.

It really is pathetic when people can't respect others work and achievement. At the very least you should've been given credit by having the watermark remain on the image. Some people have no shame in their game.

Fifthrider said...

It's worse than that. In addition to stealing they have die-hard followers who defend them when they steal. It's easier to march in lockstep than to think.

It's really mind boggling to think of how many years in advance this was all built and promoted, and I don't mean that as a compliment. If any other theme park had begun construction on something and it wasn't done in a year or two, the project would most likely be doomed. To think that this stretched on for over five years and yet was still finished and was still spectacular is kind of unlikely. ....anywhere but Disneyland.

K. Martinez said...

Hey, Dave! I just noticed Willis above the Chateau Marmont sign in your "DAVELAND" banner image. When do you add him? He looks so cool there.

Daveland said...

He has been there the whole time. So many details there not surprising that you hadn't noticed him before.

Eric F. said...

I love the combination pic! But I don't ever remember there being a tunnel to the right of the Mansion in the walkway. Was that removed before the 80's? I remember Rufus being up on the cliff but no tunnel to walk through.

Daveland said...

Hi Eric - The Disneyland Railroad tunnel was moved during the New Orleans expansion. I am fairly certain that what you are seeing was the tunnel's original location.

Eric F. said...

Thanks Dave DeCaro for the info!