Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dinner at Napa Rose, Pt. 2

Hands down, Napa Rose is the best restaurant at the Disneyland Resort, both in and outside of the park.

The entry hall gives a grand welcome with its warm woods, high ceiling, and amber lights.

The spacious lounge is the perfect place to hang out while waiting for a table.

This time I tried the Napa Passion cocktail. Yum. It was gone before I knew it.

A panorama shot of the dining room. Flooded with natural light from the large windows, this is a beautifully designed space.

The fresh flowers at each table are a small touch that go a long way to show that even the details get the most careful attention here.

I started off with delicious heirloom tomato salad. Portions here are perfect.

The lamb melted in my mouth. Perfectly seasoned, well accompanied with a variety of vegetables.

The dessert, a Bananas Foster Creme Brûlée was tasty, but left me wanting more. I'm a dessert pig. I'll admit it.

You just can't go wrong at this place.

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Heidi Ann said...

Loved this post! This is too funny - I'm doing a little series of posts about my trip to Disneyland last month. And I haven't finished writing the one I plan to do about Napa Rose - yet. I was finally able to eat there for the first time on this past trip. I had the very same salad and entree as you did! I didn't have a dessert, but your choice looks fabulous! I got a major kick out of seeing your photos of the heirloom tomato salad and the lamb - similar to my own (except for the fact that you are a MUCH better photographer than I am!) And that's only one of the MANY reasons why I love your blog.

Dave DeCaro said...

Sounds like we have similar tastes!

Fifthrider said...

Your photos on these last 2 posts... Wow. It's weird because even having BEEN there I look at your pics and you make something amazing still manage to look better. I love the angle on yesterday's looking up at the sky through the rafters, but these ones today are desktop wallpaper stuff. Thanks.