Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trip to Disneyland, May 1972: Pt. 3

Let's meet at the Hub! I am sure many a family/group/couple uttered those famous words over the last 59 years, showing Walt's genius in planning his amusement park.

Care for a balloon?

The 2 gents have allowed the three lovelies to pose without them in front of the Castle. By now, the Crest had been installed above the drawbridge.

Crossing over into Adventureland, we get a glimpse of what the Treehouse looked like before Tarzan broke the Robinson Family's lease.

Signage detail:

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1 comment:

K. Martinez said...

What's all the hubbub at the Hub? Those hairdos are really something else. The Swiss Family Treehouse photo is my favorite. Love the old waterwheel, signage and camouflaged support posts. Sigh.