Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Adventureland Hidden Gems

Inspired by a post on the Disney Parks Blog, I thought I'd browse through my collection and see how many of these hidden gems I had photographed. Turns out I have all of them. I love when that happens.

“Raiders of the Lost Ark” Patrol Truck: In the outside queue area of Indiana Jones Adventure is one of the patrol trucks used in the filming of the first Indiana Jones movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Eeyore Parking Lot Sign in Indiana Jones Adventure Queue

Once you enter the Temple of the Forbidden Eye and reach the Projection Room, turn behind you and look up. Next to the projector, you’ll be able to faintly see a sign from the now-defunct Eeyore parking lot. The space that is now Indiana Jones Adventure was once home to the Eeyore parking section of the Disneyland parking lot.

This is probably the toughest one to see/photograph. The room is so dark, it is difficult to see the sign, let alone photograph it. If you immediately look up, you will not see the sign; you have to get far enough away from it (towards the movie screen/tablets) to be able to have the right vantage point. Otherwise, you just see this:

Photograph of Tarzan’s parents in Tarzan’s Treehouse

It’s a little challenging to find, but once you cross the bridge onto the Disneydendron semperflorens grandis (“large ever-blooming Disney tree”), you’ll find a small hut that has been ransacked by the villainous Sabor. On the floor, you’ll find an old photograph of the young family.

This one didn't really ring a bell, but apparently I took this shot in 2008. That's me…shoot now, ask questions later. The same photo/drawing can be found on the wall:

Pulling back, here's the room for reference. Seems odd that the same portrait would be used in two different spots of this attraction.

A portrait of Tarzan's parents, pre-Tarzan:

Zooming in, this one looks pretty cheesy. The styling for the time is very off. I guess they figured people wouldn't be paying attention or looking too closely.

Canary Island Palm Tree

The palm tree right next to the entrance to the Jungle Cruise – believe it or not – dates all the way back to 1896! When Walt Disney bought the property that would become Disneyland, he promised the owner that he would not remove the tree because of its sentimental value to the family. Disney Legend Bill Evans, who guided the landscape design of many Disney Parks, moved the tree to the Jungle Cruise entrance, where it proudly stands today.

In my contemporary shot, you can barely see the Palm, as it is blocked by the other foliage in front.

However, in this vintage shot, you can clearly see the Palm and what appears to be a second one further to the left. I wonder if that one is still in the park?

Here's an image of Walt himself standing near the Palm:

Shrunken Ned in the Adventureland Bazaar

Located in the center of the marketplace, South Sea Traders is home to one of my favorite people in all of Disneyland park, Shrunken Ned. Housed inside a bamboo kiosk, Shrunken Ned is the magically shrunken head of a 19th century British explorer, who – for a small fee – will diagnose any illness and provide a small souvenir!

I remember the first time I discovered Ned back in 2007; I thought it was such a cool hidden treasure inside the Bazaar.

Here's one of the cards that you get when you put your coins into the machine:

Sounds like my kind of diet!

Any other hidden Adventureland gems you can think of?

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Fifthrider said...

Great shots of the Dominguez tree. Fans of Shrunken Ned should check out Trader Sam's over by the Disneyland Hotel pool. It's a very tiki inspired nod to the 3 Adventureland attractions including some references to Ned. Great shots of the Indy truck too. That's the one and only original truck used in the first movie, actually a Ford it was modified to look like a Mercedes. The chase scene was filmed first, then the earlier truck explosion scene filmed second. Doubters can have their concerns quelled by just looking under the truck as you leave the ride's exit. One can see the large 18" round cutout on the bottom of the truck, the same one where a section of phone pole was fired out of the bottom of the truck to aid it in flipping over. ( You can see the pole in the final cut of the movie, too. Not even hidden. )

K. Martinez said...

One of the downsides of FASTPASS is that the beautifully designed queue for Indiana Jones Adventure is now a rush through, when it was specifically designed for making the wait more enjoyable. It's still my favorite queue in the Park.

If the Dominguez tree is at least 118 years old, I wonder how many years it has left. Was it already mature when it was planted, thus adding more years to its life? Anyone know the average life span of the Canary Island Palm?

Thanks, Dave.

Darryl R said...

Nice post of my favorite land. How about this one...the Victrola in the treehouse plays "Swisskapolka", which as we all know was the song heard playing on an organ in the original version of this attraction...the Swiss Family Treehouse!

Brother Bill said...

Any pictures or info about the small animatronic Witch from Snow White that used to be displayed in the Disneyana store (and I think earlier somewhere in New Orleans Square)? She was about 2 feet high and presented in a small cage on a pedestal. Her eyes lit up and she would try to bargain for her freedom every few minutes. Hard time finding any info on her.

Dave DeCaro said...

Bryan - I need to look under the truck next time - thanks!
Ken - Indiana is one attraction I don't mind waiting in line for; you are so correct!
Darryl - Yes! Can't believe they left the Victrola out of the list!
Bill - I believe someone posted about it here or another blog…just not remembering when.