Thursday, July 03, 2014

Gaggle of Gals go to Humphrey's

On Tuseday night, I finally had an outing with the infamous Gaggle of Gals (you might recall them from earlier posts). Our busy schedules finally aligned and we met at Humphrey's Concert Venue on Shelter Island for a night of Bluegrass music from Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers.

I've seen them in concert before (the music group, not the Gaggle), but this time, Edie Brickell was part of the show as well. My camera was not allowed in during the show (security held onto the battery for reassurance until the show was over), so the next few photos are from Mar-Mar's cell phone (thanks Mar-Mar!).

Each time I have seen them play, I have enjoyed hearing my favorite songs from past shows as well as (gasp!) the new ones. Martin remarked how much the announcement of "We're going to play a new song for you" can be the kiss of death to an audience. "How about you wait until it's a hit and THEN you can play it for us?" In this case, the new song (and the ones that followed) were just as enjoyable. Martin's commentary between numbers is always timely, always on target, and never fails to make the audience laugh.

Brickell was a wonderful addition to the group. I love her low-key yet self-assured styling, and especially the songs she sang that were inspired by her upbringing. Bluegrass requires a performance that is 100% genuine; there is nothing fake about Brickell's performance. My favorite song of the evening was the second to last encore song (the name of which escapes me).

After the show, we were all aglow from the performance, raving about how much we enjoyed it.

Steve graciously posed with the Gaggle, giving them a thrill that will not easily be replaced. Only a pretzel at the concession stand would have brought Mar-Mar more joy that evening. Steve had left his autograph book on the tour bus; I could see he was crestfallen that he would not get a chance to get the signatures of the Gaggle for posterity before they had to flit off for their next engagement.

Nicky Sanders, the talented fiddler from the band, also posed with the Gaggle. I am sure he is still reeling from this opportunity.

As you can see here, Mar-Mar had a great time.

Next stop on the group's tour is The Hollywood Bowl. In Hollywood. Funny how that works.

If you have the opportunity to be at the Bowl on the 4th for their Fireworks Spectacular, you'll be in for a treat.

To get tickets to see the band AND the fireworks, visit Steve Martin's website:

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Mike, Studio City said...

Humphrey's is the best place to see a show. Shelter Island has one of the best views of downtown San Diego. We love Hollywood Bowl. It is only three miles from our house.