Saturday, July 26, 2014

Crystal Pier Bodybuilding Photo Shoot

Last Sunday I had a photo shoot at Crystal Pier. It was a bit overcast and cloudy, which wouldn't seem like an ideal situation to take photos, but in truth, it worked out just fine.

Since it was early, Pacific Beach was pretty quiet with most of the people I saw either surfing or getting coffee and breakfast at Kono's, the local hot spot.

My subject was bodybuilder David Anthony Tassin, who just the night before had earned the NPC National Physique Athlete Runner-up in the Los Angeles Championships Physique Tall Class. Here he is prepping for his photos. He looked pretty ripped even before the pushups.

The back of a champion.

I don't think I've ever had a waist that small.

I had to laugh a little when he said he was going to do some sit-ups to make his abs stand out. Wow.

Doing his show routine:

His idea of shooting under the pier worked out well; really love this shot.

Elsewhere in PB, you can see what Crystal Pier looked like back in the day with this hand painted mural:

Pulling back, here's the entire mural:

Just down the street, you can also find John Lennon advertising Five Guys restaurant. Wouldn't Four Guys have been more appropriate?

Tonight, David competes in Las Vegas to hopefully get his pro-card at the USA Championships. I can't imagine him not succeeding.

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K. Martinez said...

You did a beautiful job photographing Tassin. Have you ever been able to photograph during the actual NPC National Physique Athlete event?

Dave DeCaro said...

No Ken - have never tried. Would probably have to get a press pass to get any kind of decent positioning for shots.

K. Martinez said...

Thanks, Dave. I never thought of that possibility.

I think I enjoy your non-Disneyland photography more because it removes the distraction of my love for all things Disneyland. It allows me to appreciate your photography on its own merits. That doesn't mean I don't love your Disneyland photography.