Saturday, July 12, 2014

Trip to Disneyland, March 1972

For those of you who love the 70s, you get a one day reprieve! Today's post continues the polyester magic with a few images from March 1972. Other than the swans in photo #1, these two castle shots are fairly ho-hum. Definitely not the reason why I acquired this batch.

I love all Skull Rock shots, but no…this isn't why I wanted this batch.

Hair black as ebony, skin white as snow…no, I don't think this is Snow White, even though she is posing in Fantasyland.

small world topiary…very nice, but again, not impressive to me.

The Excursion car adds a nice touch, but still…not the driving factor.

The Columbia is a beautiful ship, but this shot is not really a "wow."

Finally, we come to reason number one. The Petrified Tree. Any vintage shot of this Disneyland oddity is of interest to me. Can you think of a wackier anniversary present? I'm sure Lillian couldn't.

This dark POTC exterior is interesting as documentation of how this area looked before the under/overpass was constructed.

And the best for last…an interior vintage shot that is in color AND in focus of the skeleton steering the pirate ship in the grotto scene of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction! Double wow!

I hope you're as impressed as I was!

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Heidi Ann said...

I LOVE seeing these pictures, and taking these little "Trips To Disneyland".
VERY cool.

K. Martinez said...

Very impressive, Dave. Really. Disneyland in the 1970s was peak for me.

I love seeing images of the POTC fa├žade before the Caribbean Bridge was put in, but actually prefer how it looks now with the bridge. Especially when you view it from the Mark Twain or Columbia. Thanks, Dave.

stu29573 said...

Love these! My one and only trip to DL (although Ive been to WDW many times) was the summer of 1973. I went with my mom and grandparents and we checked out Knotts (we saw the Brady kids sing...I stillhave my "signed" 8X10!) and the Queen Mary too! Disneyland of the 70s is MY Disneyland!

Fifthrider said...

I have an idea how hard it is to get a shot of the skeleton while in motion and in focus. Photography in the 70's wasn't quite the science it is today.