Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cher Graduates

Exactly 4 years ago, I saw Cher's Farewell Tour. Considering I also saw her last week at the Honda Stadium in Anaheim, I am guessing that she has a different definition of "Farewell" than Webster's.

These first four shots show 64-year old Cher in Vegas, wowing the audience with her voice, bod, and costumes.

I thought it was a phenomenal show; paced perfectly, there was not a moment of wasted time. Cher entertained with her wit, and while she was changing her many costumes, the dancers kept the audience busy.

What 64-year old could get away with a costume like this and not get an "ick"?

Flash forward to 2014. Cher is now 68, and doesn't look a day over what she looked like 4 years ago. The woman is amazing. The voice is strong (no lip-synching from this one!) and the moves (which she still has) are those of a woman half her age.

She swore that this was absolutely her last tour, and then turned around to reveal her fingers crossed. I'm not complaining; she put on another amazing show that was different enough from the Vegas production to not make me feel like I had wasted my time by sitting through it. Instead, I was standing up the whole time along with the rest of the audience. The poor girl next to me had tears streaming down her face as she drunkenly confessed her adoration for Cher while apologizing for continually bumping into me.

Displaying a cheap cooler given to her by Dr. Pepper with "We love you Cher" written on it, she let it be known that this was not the proper gift for an icon. Once pronounced a diva, she let it be known that she had graduated to an icon.

A video clip for you:

Cher - Dressed to Kill Tour from Nick Porter on Vimeo.

At the end of the show, Cher floated over the audience like an angel from on high, blessing the crazy fools below her.

Nick P. graciously supplied his video of the finale. I hope you feel blessed!

It was a fantastic night that would be hard to top. Until her next tour perhaps…

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Fifthrider said...

Often imitated, never duplicated.