Tuesday, July 01, 2014

56 Years Ago Today: The Gift of a Flag

Today's 56 year old photo comes from the USC Digital Library and shows Prime Minister of Afghanistan arriving at Disneyland via helicopter, July 1, 1958. From left to right: Sardar Mohammad Daud (Prime Minister), Jack Sayers, Mohammad Hashim Maiwandwal, and Abdul Rahman Pazhwak. The vintage caption reads:

Arrival of Prime Minister of Afghanistan at Disneyland. His Royal Highness Sardar Mohammad Daud, Prime Minister of Afghanistan, is presented with a Disneyland flag on his arrival at the Anaheim amusement center. Presenter was Jack Sayers, Chairman, Park Operations committee. In the group are His Excellency Mohammad Hashim Maiwandwal, Ambassador of Afghanistan and His Excellency Abdul Rahman Pazhwak, permanent representative to the United Nations. Party of 25 were flown from the Santa Susanna missile testing area by two USAF helicopters.

A closer look at the flag:

which is like the one that flies over the Main Street Train Station:

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Connie Moreno said...

Oh my gosh, how interesting!!!