Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Trip to Disneyland, May 1972: Part 1

This latest Daveland series takes us back to the decade that frowned upon natural fibers: the 1970's. This Quintet fits right in with the mod clothes, hair, and Ka-razy sunglasses! Turns out the blond woman and the dark haired man are Sylvia and Rowland Schaefer, the founders of Claire's Accessory and Jewelry stores found in many malls across the nation.

Can you believe that you could ever park your car THIS CLOSE to the entrance? I still remember the excitement of getting out of the car and running to the ticket booths.

Come back tomorrow for more from our 1970's Quintet of Fabulosity.

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Susette said...

I remember my parents dressing up like this...my dad in a jacket and tie and my mom in heels.