Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Trip Report: Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2013 Pt. 2

After the Haunted Mansion, I hopped aboard The Columbia and immediately went below deck. It had been five years since my last visit below, and figured it was time to look at all of the rich details and set pieces on display.

I surfaced just in time to catch my favorite Native American, giving a friendly wave as we sailed by him.

My fast pass for Indiana Jones Adventure was now ready to be used; I hadn't been on this attraction since its refurbishment last fall, and was anxious to see if all the positive reviews were true. I have always enjoyed the line queue, and actually regret having to rush through it.

The series of "Eye On The Globe" shorts was a fantastic idea; another treat that really makes the time waiting seem much shorter.

Like the Energizer Bunny, the film projector keeps playing...and playing...and playing.

One of these days I need to decode these tablets!

What I wouldn't give to rummage around in this office:

The attraction itself was great; the lighting has been improved, and all of the effects were working. A real nice change!

Uh oh...somebody looked into Mara's eyes.

Fortunately, Indy was able to assist.

Like Indiana Jones, I too hate snakes (but that didn't keep me from taking a photo).

The Cavern of Bubbling Death is probably one of the most impressive sets within a Disneyland attraction.

I can almost feel the air darts now (phweet! phweet! phweet!), as I narrowly duck in time to miss them.

All good things must come to an end, including this attraction. All too quickly, our vehicle was at the end and Indiana was bidding us adieu. Well, maybe not exactly "adieu," but something along those lines.

I had just enough time to make it back to the Golden Horseshoe Saloon to see the Limited Time Magic show (previously covered here). There was a gunfight going on at the saloon up above:

Before it started, I fired off a few shots of Harper Goff's creation.

The shoe itself:

Sure wish I knew some background info about this painting:

Next up—DCA! Here's a little FauxD© enticement to get you to come back tomorrow:

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K. Martinez said...

The Grizzly Peak with the moving waterfall is fantastic! I'm normally not a fan of FauxD© or Wiggle-Vision (both give me nausea and headaches), but for some reason this one doesn't affect me like the others. Perhaps it's the moving waterfall or more subtle movement that removes the symptoms. Whatever you did, I love it!

Your Indiana Jones Adventure interior shots are really great as well. I look forward to your DCA update tomorrow.

JG said...

Dave, this is splendid. Thank you.

I haven't been below decks on the Columbia for 30+ years. I guess your visit was on a weekend? My last trip, we went in on Saturday, and I did not ride. Sunday, Columbia wasn't running, and I missed it.

I'm not making that mistake again. If it's running, i'm on it.


Daveland said...

K. - Warning - there is an intense FauxD© coming up tomorrow!

JG - I always say I'm going to ride the Columbia, and then put it off...as you can see by 5 years! There are plenty more "below the deck" shots on my regular website: http://davelandweb.com/columbia

Major Pepperidge said...

Amazing photos, as always... in fact, these might be even better than usual.


Neat how authentic Disney was to re-create a correct sailing ship dining table with the squared off divisions--however they would NOT have used round dished and plates --they too would have been square -mostly of wood --to prevent them from sliding around and off as the ship swayed on the water. That's where the saying " a SQUARE MEAL came from!!


The saloon vixen painting hanging in the Golden Horseshoe was first used by Disney in the film Summer Magic --it was one of the many paintings stored away in Burl Ives store -- and one of the many painting contemplated to represent the owner of the Big Yellow house by Haley Mills!

Daveland said...

Major - Many thanks!

Mike - Thanks for the info on the Columbia and especially the painting at the Shoe!