Monday, February 04, 2013

Trip Report: Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2013 Pt. 1

I'm finally getting around to doing my trip report from the 2013 Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend. I wanted to get some shots of the park before it got too crowded, so I took the early morning train from downtown San Diego. As you can tell from this shot, the sun wasn't even out yet.

I love the architecture of this 1915 building; especially the vintage tile!

Before I knew it, Amtrak had let me off at Anaheim and I was peeking through the gates of Disney California Adventure.

It still seems funny to see crowds outside of the DCA gate matching the ones at Disneyland; I snapped a few shots through the fence before the masses were allowed in.

A lone cast member was mentally preparing for opening:

Despite the initial DCA photos, my goal was to get into Disneyland, as these two shots at the Fire Department can attest to.

So many cool knick-knacks and details to see inside.

The real treat about getting in is to be able to see Main Street, U.S.A. in all its glory. No strollers, no slobs attempting to get that last souvenir...I love it!

In this before and after shot, you can see the recent removal of the lacy "gateway" that formerly adorned the outdoor patio for Coke Corner.

I can't say I really miss it.

The sign may have said 10 minutes, but I walked on to The Jungle Cruise.

It was nice; not a soul for miles.

The boat wasn't too crowded, which made for a much more enjoyable trip. It was nice to see all my favorites, like The Ancient Shrine:

I really go ape over these guys:

Strangely, this attraction makes me crave bananas, although I can't quite figure out why.

The Skipper makes or breaks the Jungle Cruise; fortunately, we had a good one.

Anyone lolligagging around this attraction could be in for a nasty surprise.

Between the vultures and the natives, this place can be downright dangerous!

From Adventureland to New Orleans Square, I hightailed it over to the Haunted Mansion.

I couldn't wait to see my favorite attraction, Sans Skellington. The stretch portraits looked great:

Since the dead guy at the Burning Cabin is no more, I have to get my creepy thrills elsewhere.

No floating for Leota today. Again - that's just fine by me. She needs no extra trickery.

These two dueling portraits are awesome; I get a kick out of their endless feud.

Over in the attic, I attempted to shoot some props/scenery that I rarely photograph:

No matter how many times I ride the Mansion, this Crazy Constance just seems jarring.

Fortunately, the Marc Davis-style caretaker puts me back in a happy place:

As do the Grim Grinning Ghosts; what a well-done effect!

Thanks X Atencio for one of my favorite Disney songs!

I can't get enough of Little Leota; this exit affect has amazed me since day one.

NEXT STOP: The Columbia!

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K. Martinez said...

I always thought the Coke Corner gateway looked odd. It looks much better now. Sometimes less is more. Disneyland would do well to de-clutter some areas of the Park.

You did a beautiful job on the Jungle Cruise photos. I do prefer the old crocodile over the box with bananas and lantern in the gorilla scene. Does anyone know why they changed it? Is it just the result of more cost cutting?

Nice update today!

Anonymous said...

I wonder, is the second dog (watching the Mummy's grave) supposed to be same as the caretaker's dog, or another one?

That is, is the scene episodic as we travel through it, or is it all taking place "simultaneously"?

Or am I overthinking this and should be quiet and enjoy it?

Nice pics, Dave, especially the SD station, I was there two weeks ago on business. My SoCal branch is warming up.

I hope you have some updates from Pirates.


JG said...

Fantastic shots as always. I must return soonish!

...But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

I really liked the Refreshment Corner gateway. It made the eating area feel more like you were sitting in a quaint patio area. Looking at these pictures with the comparison, now it seems more like tables and chairs set up on the street. Another detail lost for traffic flow. :-/

- E

Daveland said...

K. - I wish I knew the answer to your JC question, but I don't.

JG - I haven't ever really thought that deeply about the Mansion, but there are those that do...maybe they'll chime in. Your wish for Pirates will be granted soon.

Unknown said...

What settings do you use on your camera for the HM? Everytime I go through I try a different setting but I still dont have it down.



Daveland said...

Kathy - that's a loaded question! I use different settings for each scene; it all depends on the lighting, how fast the Doombuggy is moving, etc.

It's a difficult balance between just the right ISO and shutter speed, attempting to avoid blur but also attempting not to be overloaded on the grain. That probably wasn't much help!

Major Pepperidge said...

Man, I don't know how you get those amazing Haunted Mansion shots, so crisp and clear... hard to believe you are in a moving vehicle.

Joe said...

I must also compliment you on the haunted mansion photos. It's a really difficult ride to shoot.

The photos of the stretching portraits were really well done too. How did you pull that one off?