Sunday, February 17, 2013

1950's Disneyland Railroad Goodies

Stamped January 1959, these first two shots were taken during the Christmas season. You can see the wreath and garland hanging at the Main Street Train Station. The colorful benches are a mystery to me, as I have never seen those in this location before. I love the coloring of this photo, as it captures the beauty of sunset just as the lights on the station are becoming visible.

The next shot from this photographer shows the Fred Gurley pulling into the station; off to the right is a parking lot full of vintage autos (well, they weren't vintage at the time, but they are now).

Last one today is also 1959 and is a rare view of the hardly photographed Tomorrowland Depot. This Googie-style station is a hidden gem at the back of the park, and typically the one with the shortest lines.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Those first two are real beauties, love the quality of light in them. And yeah, what is up with the benches? Nice view of the humble Tomorrowland station as well.

K. Martinez said...

I hope they never remove the Googie-style from the Tomorrowland Station. The Tomorrowland Station and Space Mountain are my two favorite structures standing in today’s Tomorrowland.

K. Martinez said...

Dave - I just noticed your poll has hit the 100 mark. I was so rooting for the Old Maxwell House location. Oh well.