Friday, February 15, 2013

The Franklyn Taylor Collection: Frontierland, Pt. 2

More from the fantabulous Franklyn T. Taylor collection today, as I continue this week's Frontierland theme.

Obviously, Franklyn loved the Strawhatters, as he seemed to capture them each time he visited the park.

The little tots seem pretty fond of them, too.

There was also an appreciation for the Keel Boats, as Franklyn photographed both the Gullywhumper:

and the Bertha Mae:

The uniform on this cast member seems a bit odd, as if it would be more in line with someone working the Matterhorn.

One more of the Bertha Mae; perhaps this was his favorite Keel Boat.

Journeying around the Rivers of America, there's a nice sharp shot of Fowler's Harbor on the left:

And Fort Wilderness to the right:

It would appear that some guests are attempting to climb the side of the Fort:

The Indian Settlement scene has undergone a few changes over the years; the little brave standing on the canoe is not yet part of the happenings here:

The Burning Cabin:

Not much detail on the dead settler, but I had to zoom in anyway:

A shot of our ROA vessel, The Mighty Mark Twain:

Zooming into the right, you can see the bridge that took guests over to the Chicken Plantation Restaurant:

Westward Ho! These wagons didn't venture too far into the west, but they did provide a nice bumpy journey through the desert scenery of the Mine Train attraction.

The Devil's Paint Pots:

Cactus in the foreground and the sails of the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship in the rear:

Last one for today show some of the beautiful rock work done for the Mine Train attraction:

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K. Martinez said...

Fantabulous is right! Nice Keel Boat coverage. I like how the COTS intrudes on the Living Desert scene.

Thanks again to Chris Taylor for sharing and to you for posting these wonderful images.

Major Pepperidge said...

Good grief, this is just Frontierland! I can't wait to see what else is in this collection.

Daveland said...

The best thing about Franklyn's photos is that they are the exact things that I would be photographing! He did a great job of capturing the park in its infancy.

P.T. said...

The gazebo that the Strawhatters are playing in look like the one that's in the French Market in New Orleans Square. I wonder if it's the same one.

Daveland said...

PT - You got me excited there for a minute! Unfortunately, in comparing the two structures with my photos, the ironwork is so different I don't believe they are the same. Sure would have made sense though!

P.T. said...

Aw man. At first glance, they do look similar!