Friday, February 08, 2013

Trip Report: Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2013 Part 5

It's the (semi) grand finale of my TBHM report; for all you vintage fans, have no fear - I'll be back to your regularly scheduled program very soon! I actually spent a bit of time in Tomorrowland; would have stayed longer, but Space Mountain was down for the count. Instead, we walked right onto Star Tours.

I am so damn nosy; just had to see what was on this guy's computer screen; must be some newfangled social media.

Hopefully, the TSAs won't be hiring this snarky little droid anytime soon.

I don't know what it is about Buzz Lightyear, but I do enjoy riding it. I'm sure part of it is because it appeals to my competitive nature!

Typically, once I get on the vehicle, my camera goes away.

I need all of my focus and attention to attempt to get a better score.

Here you can see my intense gaze of concentration! Note to Disney: this little free feature at the end of the attraction still packs 'em in. Keep it going, please!

It had been years since I'd been on the Astro Orbiter, but what the heck - it'd be nice to get some arial shots of the Central Plaza area.

The smallest in FRONT? Heck; I had just enough room for myself in this thing!

The castle from above:

Even closer:

The construction crane over at Big Thunder Mountain looms over Frontierland in these next two shots:

The wasteland that was once the PeopleMover:

This shot of the Plaza Inn made me hungry for fried chicken!

Although it's not as thrilling as it once was when it was perched high atop the platform smack-dab in the middle of Tomorrowland, the Astro Orbiter is still a fun little attraction that allows you to soar over the park.

Finally, it was time to stuff my face over at The Blue Bayou. Running 13.1 miles had made me hungry! Mardi Gras was in full swing in New Orleans Square, proclaimed by this Bayou Bash banner:

Princess Tiana was holding court in the Court of Angels:

Music is a big part of New Orleans in Louisiana, and so it is here at its fictional counterpart in Anaheim:

I had never noticed this gator before; a cast member walked by and saw me snapping my photos. She stopped in astonishment as she too said she had never noticed it. She called out to another cast member walking by, and asked her how long it had been here. The unimpressed cast member kept walking by and said, "Forever." Note to Disney: please withhold this party pooper's gold star for the day.

FINALLY! At The Blue Bayou:

Lunch by the glow of candlelight (even if it's faux, it's still effective for setting the mood!):

The famed Monte Cristo:

Dessert was some special fritter concoction; more fried goodness.

By this point, I was an absolute tired mess. Full and tired, it was time for me to exit.

Heading home, I was full of happy memories from yet another fantastic race weekend at Disneyland.

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K. Martinez said...

Sounds like the party pooper cast member has been there forever.

In my now fifty years of visiting Disneyland I have never tried the famed Monte Cristo sandwich. Do they serve them at Cafe Orleans?

These are the next two items on my Disneyland bucket list.

Darryl said...

What is it about the Blue Bayou make it so cool to me? Is it the inside/outside (or is it outside/inside) theming?...or the enchanting fire-flies bouncing around?...or the knowledge it is inside the POTC? (Dead Men Tell No Tales!)...or maybe it's the Monte Cristo?

- Darryl

Daveland said...

K. - Probably forever and a day. Yes - last time I checked, they did serve the MC at Cafe Orleans as well. Still, there's something about eating it at the BB that makes it taste even better.

D - I'd probably say all of the above!

K. Martinez said...

Dave - Thanks for answering my question. I've dined at BB, but have never eaten at Cafe Orleans . I was just thinking of killing two birds with one stone.