Monday, February 11, 2013

Rainbow Ridge: 1960's version

For those of you who need a Rainbow Ridge fix, you won't be able to get it for quite awhile since Big Thunder Mountain is under the knife (so to speak). The quaint little mining town at BTMRR is getting a rehab as well, and caused quite an uproar with the fan community when a rumor leaked that it was being removed altogether. So while the construction walls are up, let's peak back to the 1960's to see what it originally looked like when it was part of the Nature's Wonderland attraction. The first three photos are from 1962.

How I wish I could wander around here to notice all of the details that the Imagineers graced this old mining town with.

Zooming in to see more vintage-styled posters:

Two shots of the attraction itself:

And this one from February 1964, showing the Mine Train making its way around the Cascade Peak area:

Those who braved the pack mules got this lovely view from above of Rainbow Ridge:

A closer view from the same angle from June 1960, shortly after a revamped Nature's Wonderland had opened:

Even closer from March 1962:

Notice the quaint little cabin up on the left-hand side (also from March 1962):

I would definitely brave a pack mule to get this closer to Rainbow Ridge, even if juggling the camera and the mule might prove a bit difficult! From September 1964:

Opera Lovers rejoice; Rainbow Ridge is the town for you!

Opera Poster and light fixture detail:

Last one for today is a closer view of the Opera House from July 1961:

Note the comedy/tragedy mask, Opera House poster, and light fixture (which is showing a bit of wear):

See more vintage Disneyland Nature's Wonderland attraction photos on my Nature's Wonderland web page.


keeline said...

The pictures that show the Rainbow Ridge Hotel are most likely taken from the top deck of the Mark Twain. I've seen several similar photos.

Major Pepperidge said...

MAN I wish I could experience this ride again....

K. Martinez said...

If the internet existed back then, I wonder if there would be long discussion board threads about how Disneyland maintenance is slipping because of a worn out Opera House light fixture. There are so many vintage images and old video/film out there that shows Disneyland wasn’t always perfectly maintained even back its golden age.

I remember back around the 70s or 80s seeing the damaged “Character Shop” sign in Tomorrowland. Sometimes I think the Disneyland publicity machine built up an image that wasn’t quite attainable.

...But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

I have stars in my sockets and pangs in my heart for that beautiful little burg! I really hope Disney gives those buildings the TLC they deserve. Dal McKennon would spin in his grave if they were replaced by fiberglass disasters like the newer turkey leg shack.

Anonymous said...

It was so much fun to be able to take breaks at the top of the ridge. We even had a table up there, well hidden by the undergrowth. Sure hope its character continues. The wooden buildings couldn't last forever. KS

Daveland said...

Keeline - I am sure you are correct, as I have several in my collection like that.

Major - Ditto...and ditto again.

K. - I think people made better use of their time before discussion boards.

But...Fiberglass can look good, if done correctly. If not, it looks very cheap. We'll keep the fingers crossed!

KS - You are correct; nothing lasts forever. Fortunately, we can always enjoy the memory.