Saturday, February 09, 2013

Public Transit: The Frontierland Way

Main Street wasn't the only area that had a fleet of vehicles for guests to enjoy. Frontierland had its fair share of fun on wheels, too. Running until approximately 1960, the Stagecoaches and Conestoga Wagons gave guests a taste of what it was like to get around in the old West, back when the "roads" weren't exactly smooth. Note the "Oregon or Bust" on the Wagon shown in this 1950's image. Apparently, the original phrase was "Pike's Peak or bust!", which referred to the 1850's Colorado Gold Rush. Later, the phrase was adapted to basically be a catch-all to signify that you would do whatever it took to get where you were planning to go.

This 1958 shot shows the Stagecoach riding through what is now the Big Thunder Mountain attraction area. Hard to believe that Frontierland ever looked so "rough" or undeveloped as it does in this photo.

One more (slightly obstructed) view of the Stagecoach, dating from about 1956 or 1957:

If you want to ride a Stagecoach, you can always head over to Knott's Berry Farm where the Wells Fargo Stage Lines still take guests around the park:

How about you — do you miss these slightly rough and tumble modes of transportation?

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K. Martinez said...

While I can't miss what I didn't experience, it would've been cool to see Frontierland in the 1950s when it actually looked like a frontier. I did get to ride the pack mules a lot in the 1960s and loved it.

And now what we have there is Frontierland's answer to Space Mountain. At least one could say Big Thunder Mountain Railroad continues the tradition of a slightly rough and tumble mode of "transportation" in that area.

Anonymous said...

Wow...great color preservation and clarity. Wish I could visit it today!

mark taft said...

Those were Frontierland's best days. Even though BTMRR is among my favorite Disney attraction ever. Paris now has the best Frontierland, IMHO.