Wednesday, June 01, 2011

April 1977, Pt. 4

All of you agents-of-no-change out there can rest a little easier tonight, knowing that in the last 30 some years, the Dry Goods Store looks almost the same in 2011 as it did back in April 1977. For those with time on your hands, please make up a list of all the differences in Microsoft Word and send them to me immediately. Your check is in the mail.

Over at the Horseshoe that is Golden, our April 1977 photographer took this shot of the attraction poster:

Zooming in, it would appear that Wally Boag was on vacation.

These 3 photos from 2008 show the attraction posters that could be found in a similar location outside The ’Shoe:

Last but not least, a shot of the show itself. These are somewhat difficult to come by. I say bring back the Can-Can girls!

Nothing against Billy just would be nice to have the Can-Can girls back. They’re much cuter!

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Susette said...

"Agents-of-no-change"....I LOVE it, and it certainly applies to me and my feelings about Disneyland. My first trip was the year I was born (1961), and I went at least twice a year every year, until the mid-1980s when I moved to Chicago. That's when things really started to change at Disney, and every time I went after that, something was moved around, painted differently or gone altogether. All of this really rocked my world and I have not felt the same about Disneyland since. :( I won't even mention my staunch refusal to set foot in California Adventure (even though I've been back in CA for 13 years!). Yes, I am one of those purists who just want the place to stay the same as I remember it from my youth. No futzing with the Haunted Mansion or Pirates, still mad about the demise of Bear Country and lamenting the changes in Tomorrowland. Sigh. Time marches on. Thank you for your wonderful posts and photos from the past....those all make me smile happily as I allow myself to linger a little while longer in the days gone by...

Major Pepperidge said...

Boy, that photographer sure loved storefronts and signs!

TokyoMagic! said...

Beautiful shot of the Golden Horseshoe show! I agree....bring back the Can-Can girls! Tokyo Disneyland still has theirs. Does anyone know if they still perform at WDW?

I agree with Susette! I wouldn't be against change so much, if the changes they made were as good or BETTER than what was there to begin with. It seems like that's almost never the case now. (Although the new Star Tours might be the exception.)

JG said...

We agents of no-change are afraid to acknowledge the possibility of change in these favored haunts of our childhood because...

...if we have to admit changes here, we may have to admit changes in ourselves also, and I just can't bring myself to do that either.

Somewhere, some time, there is a little boy and his parents, just as they always were.


Connie Moreno said...

I'm the first to admit, I hate to see old favorites go but Walt did say ..."as long as there is imagination..."

Now, let me emphasize, NOW, DCA is becoming the Park it should have been and I love it. your post and pics, Dave.

Daveland said...

I think all of us are in alignment; change is great when it means an improvement. The majority of changes that people gripe about are ones that seem to have nothing to do with quality. Of course, I won't name names. And Connie - I agree...I believe DCA is really coming along nicely.

Ian Adams said...

Wally Boag passed away yesterday. RIP.