Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Jungle Cruise, October 1960

Let's celebrate one of Disneyland's most famous attractions, The Jungle Cruise. Much of the success is due to the talents of the Skippers. Why else would guests choose to ride it over and over again, when the scenes rarely change?

First shot was taken as the boat is leaving the dock. The second shot gives me the willies; Indiana Jones & I have a fear of snakes in common!

I do not believe these Rhinos are in this attraction anymore; hopefully they are happy and well-fed somewhere else now.

And the native...I just love these guys. The Skippers always have a good gag or two for them.

Today's post ends with two shots from my October 1960 batch of what I "assume" (please note the quotations) to be an Orange County motel. Any of you experts out there able to identify it? I guess it could be the Disneyland Hotel, but for some reason I kind of doubt it.

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Thufer said...

I know Walt laminated the fact of all the encroachment into the area of 'his little park' by all of the necessities. (read as hotel/motel and restaurants, etc.) HOWEVER, I must admit to the fact that I found a trip around the park (via car) was exciting and intriguing in its own right. I recall spending the night at various, very charming places which were a very important part of my experience in my youth. I am not sure what the location of those bottom two pictures is; but what I would give to have woken up there this morning.

Almost forgot.... love me the JC. Good post.

Connie Moreno said...

Dave, you are soooo right about the JC Skippers. A great Skipper totally makes the ride, corny jokes and all. It's all in the delivery, right?

Snow White Archive said...

Really like the first two photos...

The pic of the boats at the dock has real mood. I think it's a combination of the color tone, the ripples/reflections in the water, and also the low angle at which it was shot. If the focus was slightly sharper, it could almost be used as a promotional photo for the attraction.

The constrictor in the tree is awesome too--as is the detail in the tree trunk. My wife has several pet snakes so this doesn't have the same Indiana Jones-effect for me :)

Wonderful photos Dave!

Robby Cress said...

I love the Jungle Cruise and you're right, it really has do with the skippers.

I remember one ride during the year 2001, at the Walt Disney World in Florida, just before the boat is supposed to go through the waterfall, the skipper asked everyone on the boat, "Let's take a vote. Raise your hands if you thank we should risk going through the waterfall?" Of course, people raised their hands. Then the skipper asked, "Raise your hands if you don't think we should go through the waterfall?" A few people raised there hands. Without skipping a beat, the skipper said, "Well, this is the state of Florida and this vote requires a recount!" It was timely joke after the then recent Bush/Gore elections in 2000.

TokyoMagic! said...

I see the large high tension wire towers in that first photo. Based on their position, this could likely have been a motel on Harbor or West....I'm going to guess Harbor near Freeman....looking towards the DL parking lot, but that's only a guess.

Matthew said...

A Club 951 original! I think I've seen that first picture before on your blog... and I agree with Snow White Sanctum, the photographer had to have dropped the camera outside of the boat to get that low level shot... it is truly beautiful!!! "As we leave the last outpost of civiliazation..."

Daveland said...

Snow White - I'd be curious to know what kind of browser you are looking at my blog with; that dock photo is razor sharp.

Robby - It takes a good skipper to constantly change his schtick to stay current with the news. Again, kudos to those that do.

Matthew - Believe it or not, that first photo made its virgin appearance here; just scanned it...hasn't even made it onto the website yet. However...even I get confused by some of the photos that look so similar.