Thursday, April 07, 2011

Traveling Thursdays: Mom Goes To Europe, Pt. 4

It’s September 11, 1955 for today's first photos from my mom’s European excursion which was a gift after her graduation from college.

The first two captions are "Avon River behind church" and "Church where Shakespeare is buried" which would make this 2nd photo a shot of The Holy Trinity Church in his birthplace, the English village of Stratford.

Next up is Sulgrave Manor, which is famous for having been the home of the ancestors of George Washington.

Two of Blenheim Palace, a country house situated in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. The palace is notable as the birthplace and ancestral home of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

Progressing to September 12, my mom took this overhead shot of a London Street. Vintage signage - yeah!

Finishing up the post are some varying quality shots of The Changing of the Guard ceremony:

I watched “Tron: Legacy” last night. My verdict? I definitely prefer the original. Sure, the graphics are simple:

...but I love ’em! They are clean, stylized, and go perfectly with the story. Oh yeah...story...loved that, too. Sure, there’s a slight hokey 80’s feel to it, but not enough to keep me from enjoying it.

On the plus side, “Legacy” runs circles around the original as far as the CGI effects go.

And Olivia Wilde is a definite plus in her role of Quorra. Her innocent joy at seeing a sunrise is played perfectly.

But Jeff Bridges’ character, Kevin Flynn, just seemed off the mark in this one; either the writing or his acting prevented me from seeing a real bond between him and his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) after their reunion approximately 20 years after Kevin's disappearance. There was chemistry between Sam & Quorra, and if Disney actually greenlights a third installment (which it appears was their original intention), focusing on those two would be a good idea.

And what the heck happened to Yori/Lora? She was missed this time around. Overall, it was a fun movie to watch (especially if you have a boffo home theater system!), but just barely missed the mark for me.

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Major Pepperidge said...

How many Bentleys did your mom bring home as souvenirs?

Olivia Wilde was very good in Tron Legacy (not to mention smokin' hot), but I admit that I was distracted by her lopsided haircut!

Connie Moreno said...