Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Disneyland Trip Report

Normally I wouldn't visit the park on a Saturday smack-dab in the middle of Spring Break, but the occasion of my niece being in town warranted an unscheduled visit. Walking in, I cut through The Grand Californian Hotel and noticed that the 1932 Cadillac that has always been out front has been repurposed as an advertisement for the Disney Vacation Club. This car has previously been seen in the TV shows "Charmed" and "The X-Files" as well as the movies "O Brother, Where art Thou?" and "The Two Jakes."

While I awaited my niece’s arrival, I spent some time at DCA taking photos of all the construction. The entrance is coming along at a good pace; it will be so exciting to see the entry area.

The final product will look like the Disney's Hollywood Studios entrance, which is modeled after the now-defunct The Pan-Pacific Auditorium, formerly located in Los Angeles.

The recreation of the Carthay Circle has also begun to emerge at the entrance:

Again, Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando also has a Carthay Circle Theater, which (sadly) serves as a gift shop:

Cars Land has added an impressive photo opp area, which will continue to generate excitement for this highly anticipated new addition to California Adventure.

From outside the park, here’s the view that curious passers-by get:

It's not surprising that there have already been people who have written rants about the "bad show" of this. Really, people? I'd love to see THEIR backyards!

Ariel’s new home looks like it’s about to be unveiled:

In typical Disney-style, it has been lavished with details:

Even before the attraction is unwrapped, some in the chat community have been brutal about the color "mismatch" between the new attraction building and the re-purposed Palace of the Arts entrance. It seems so ironic that people in this "community" are so quick to toss the grapes.

A little further down are the Silly Symphony Swings:

Although I would be among the first to say that off-the-shelf style rides shouldn’t be at DCA or California Adventure, this is another great example of making lemonade, by repurposing/retheming the Orange Stinger as an homage to a vintage Mickey Mouse Cartoon.

Across the way there is plenty of construction going on for Goofy’s Flight School (more thoughtful retheming) and the Paradise Pier Garden Restaurant:

It was now time to head back to the original. I took a leisurely jaunt through Disneyland, knowing full-well that I wouldn’t be able to go on many attractions. Instead, I started out with a visit to Mr. Lincoln. I love the show...and I love that guests keep coming back and actually applaud at the end. It really is a stirring patriotic tribute.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

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Connie Moreno said...

Great post today! Lots of good views of the construction.

TokyoMagic! said...

Very nice trip report, Dave. I haven't been to the parks since DCA's 10th Anniversary back in February, so it's nice to see the construction progress. I imagine the back side of that Carsland mountain range will eventually be walled up.....or at least the part that faces Paradise Pier.

The new DCA entrance appears (at least from your photos) to be a little larger scale than Orlando's. I can't wait to see the finished product. Maybe when it's done, Olivia Newton-John can dedicate it by standing out in front and singing "Xanadu"!!!

Daveland said...

Chris - what a great idea! Surely ONJ would be the top choice for christening the new entrance!

JG said...

Glad to see the recreation of the Pan-Pacific. I have a poster of that building on my office wall, sad to see it go.


James said...

There are a few things odd about the new stuff at DCA. First, am I the only one who finds the facade of The Little Mermaid to look like a Barns & Noble? It looks like a new shopping center, with oversized molding and grilled faux windows, and even the metal roofing, it really does not look like a building which would have graced a turn of the century pier. The oddest thing about the facade is the new dining area by Goofy's Sky School is swimming in more period detail than the giant Mermaid facade. Since I mentioned Goofy's Sky School, why is there a water tower out front? What does that have to do with a flight school or a turn of the century pier? It's odd. Then the most amazing thing I've not heard anyone mention is Silly Symphony Swings, doesn't anyone realize The Band Concert WAS NOT a Silly Symphony? Shouldn't WDI know this? One more thing, what's up with the back side of rocks facing Paradise Pier from the yet to open Cars Land. Oh yes and why is Cars Land in Disney California Adventure when that location in the movie is Arizona?

Daveland said...

James - Sounds like you have a lot of issues with DCA! How about waiting until construction is finished, give the new land/attractions a chance, and THEN see how you like it?